Tips on How to Score your Dream Job

Businesspeople with various facial expressions

Getting a work is one of the most common priorities everyone is trying to achieve whether you finish school or not. Of course, we need work for us to provide for our everyday needs and for our future. In our current economic climate, most of newly graduates or even those who are looking for a job for quite some time now are having a hard time on how they can get on board on the company their eyeing.

Whichever job or career you’re trying to pursue, it’s alway

s good to have some sort of a guide or tips on how you can actually get it. Read on and I’m sure that you’ll be able pick up one tip or two from our guide. Good luck!

  1. Make a schedule every day on which specific time you’re going to send resumes and apply to the jobs that interests you. There are times that companies post their job postings almost every day so it’s better if you’ll be able to send your credentials for their review right away.
  2. Take time in creating your resume. Keep in mind that this is your potential employer’s reference whether they’re going to call you for an interview or feed it to a shredder. Don’t also forget to be always true to the experiences and skills that you’re going to list. Your interviewer will always and always know if you’re bluffing.
  3. Express yourself in your cover letter. This is your chance to get more personal to the person who will read your application and avoid, in all cost, using templates. If you’re applying for a writer or in media industry, this is your chance to give them a glimpse of your creativity. If you’re able to impress them with your cover letter, your chances of getting called increases.
  4. Building network and connections will go a long way. You might get shy in introducing yourself to complete strangers but just see it as a stepping stone for to get on the company you’re applying to. Meet someone who is one or two positions higher than your desired post. Unless you met an unpleasant person, they will most likely tell you more about the company which will be your edge once you got called for an interview.
  5. Once they scheduled you for an interview, don’t stress too much especially the night before. Simply prepare your clothes and tell yourself, repeatedly, that you can do this! Take all the knowledge that you have about the company and bring it with you on your interview. Also, prepare at least two to three questions for the interview so they will see that you’re really interested and wants to know more.
  6. Don’t be shy to follow up. If five days after the interview you still haven’t heard from them, a simple email will be appreciated. This will show the hiring manager that you’re really interested with their company and that you really want to work with them.
  7. Lastly, don’t lose hope of they didn’t hire you. It simply means that you and their company don’t fit. Move on and send another resume

We know that applying for a job is quite stressful and nerve- racking but always remember these tips and you’ll be getting that dream job one way or another.