Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Promoted

notpromoted2Once we got a job, our next logical goal is to get promoted. Who wouldn’t want to have a higher position and a higher salary when you think you deserve it? You’ve worked all day and rendered over time, you did the extra mile in every job you’ve been assigned to but you still fail to get that coveted position. Why?

Below are the surprising reasons as to why you’re not getting promoted. You might not be aware of it but you’re already committing one of these.

  1. You come off as someone who is entitled.
  • Though you can definitely do a job faster than your colleagues, it does not give you an instant access of being promoted the next day. Always remember that doing a good job is expected from you and should not be treated as something that your boss should be kissing your shoes for. This is a big no-no especially if you’re still in a junior level.
  1. You’re a constant complainer
  • You always complain about almost about everything. If there’s a company policy that you think you can’t work with, inform your supervisor about it. If there still no resolution after talking to them, you can simply leave. Employers does not have time for employees who cannot follow simple policies that are implemented for the good of company and its employees.
  1. You’re tardy
  • Being on time shows how much you respect your work and the company itself. Arriving or attending your work late only show that you couldn’t care less for your team mate’s time and work as well.
  1. You don’t work well with others
  • notpromotedJust like as how the saying goes, “No man is an island.” This only means that people are meant to be helping each other to achieve success in a specific task. Also, giving credit for the right person only shows how well- mannered you are and how you respect others as a person.
  1. Arrogance get the better of you
  • Yes, you’re the best. You can do anything that was assigned to you but you also make sure that everyone knows about it especially if others cannot perform well as much as you do. Shaming your coworkers bring a massive negative vibe in the office and your bosses definitely wouldn’t want someone like that to lead others.
  1. You act as if you’re higher than your boss when it comes to decision- making
  • You always ask why he decided to do this or to do that. There are things and concerns that are meant to be shared and there are also those that are being kept among the higher management. Prying is different from asking.
  1. You don’t take criticism to be part of your improvement
  • Your bosses give you feedback for you own good. These comments are usually helpful for you to do your job more efficiently and if you feel you’re too great to actually receive a feedback, you’re gonna have a bad time. Humility is a good character to be observed by your superiors.